The mission of SAAC is to enhance the voice of the student-athlete to ensure the total student-athlete experience by promoting opportunity for all student-athletes; protecting student-athlete welfare; and fostering a positive student-athlete image. Click here to learn more about SAAC.

President: A senior who has previous experience with SAAC as a team rep (preferably E-Board). Runs meetings and facilitates the SAAC events. Oversees all roles and responsibilities of the SAAC group and is a key organizer of the Scotty awards. This person will also have additional responsibilities with MIAA SAAC including retreats, phone conferences, and in-person meetings.

Vice President/Treasurer: The second in command who helps the president run meetings as well as organizes the Scotty Awards. Serves as student congress representative. Must attend all Monday evening student congress meetings to ensure that SAAC is able to keep their funding (if available). This person will submit budget proposals and track spending throughout the year. Ideally, this person should not be in the same sport season as the president to help with meeting conflicts. This person will also have additional responsibilities with MIAA SAAC including retreats, phone conferences, and in-person meetings.

Secretary: Takes notes at meetings and conference calls. In charge of attendance and attendance policies for members. Makes sure that every team has two representatives and that they are communicating with their coach and team about events. Prints attendance sheets before meetings and sends an attendance report with meeting notes to all SAAC members after each meeting.

Event Coordinator: Works closely with other groups on campus to prioritize and propose potential SAAC (and co-sponsored) events. Tracks other campus events in an attempt to limit multiple events on the same day. Assists with assigning sub-committees for each event to ensure the event is properly organized.

Plaid Posse Coordinator: The main goal of SAAC is to increase attendance at all home games. The plaid posse will become the main student section at home games and encourage active participation in Alma athletics. The Plaid Posse coordinator will work with the social media coordinator to plan game themes and advertise. This person will be responsible for making the monthly home event flyers and be responsible for the data needed for Scotty Cup Award. This person will create a system for reps to take binders to home events and ensure that it is being followed.

Social Media Coordinator: In charge of the SAAC Facebook page, Twitter, SnapChat, and marketing athletic events to students. Needs to post weekly about home events and be able to keep the page professional at all times. Social media coordinator will also work to create flyers for SAAC events.

Community Outreach Coordinator: This person will work will all SAAC E-Board positions to promote community service and athletic teams in the community. The person will attend weekly meetings at the CSO as the athletic representative and share service updates at every meeting. Additionally, this person will oversee community service logs during the season for the Coach Brown Memorial Award. This process will be refined throughout the year to ensure accuracy.

Annual SAAC Events

  • Throwdown in A-Town (fall)
  • Athlete Formal (winter)
  • Jock Rock (winter)
  • The Scotty Awards (spring)

SAAC Involvement

  • Alma College Mission and Core Value development
  • Helper Helper Community Service Champions
  • Buddy Teams
  • Special Olympics
  • Relay for Life
  • Plaid Posse
  • DIII Week Activities
  • Community Clean Up
  • Masonic Home Volunteering
  • Friend with an Athlete
  • Fall and Winter Speakers
  • NCAA Legislative Voting
  • NCAA conference representation
  • MIAA conference representation