Women's Tennis stands at 3-3 on the season after losing to Southeastern and Christopher Newport the past two days

On Wednesday, the Alma Women's Tennis lost a match with Christopher Newport from VA, 8-1.  The one win was Katie Meloche and Lauren Moreau at 3 doubles.  This season's record is now 3-3.  


Sarah Stafford (Christopher Newport) d. Jen Meloche (Alma) 6-2,6-2
Marion Gloor (Christopher Newport) d. Abby McCue (Alma) 6-2,6-2
Kim Morrissett (Christopher Newport) d. Amy Baranowski (Alma) 6-4,6-1
Morgan Huff (Christopher Newport) d. Katie Meloche (Alma) 6-1,6-0
Jodi Noland (Christopher Newport) d. Lauren Moreau (Alma) 6-2,6-4
Melisande Downs (Christopher Newport) d. Jaycee Cole (Alma) 2-6,6-1,(10-6)


Sarah Stafford (Christopher Newport)& Marion Gloor (Christopher Newport) d. Jen Meloche (Alma)& Abby McCue (Alma) 8-5

Kim Morrissett (Christopher Newport)& Morgan Huff (Christopher Newport) d. Amy Baranowski (Alma)& Lo Stevenson (Alma) 8-4

Katie Meloche (Alma) & Lauren Moreau (Alma) d. Melisande Downs (Christopher Newport) & Lauren Kelly (Christopher Newport) 8-3


On Tuesday, Alma lost a tight, hard fought, match against Southeastern from FL, 5-4, dropping their record to 3-2


Chelsey Lynn (Southeastern) d. Abby McCue (Alma) 6-2,6-1
Alexandra Fraser (Southeastern) d. Jen Meloche (Alma) 6-3,6-4
Amy Baranowski (Alma) d. Amanda Summers (Southeastern) 2-6,6-2,(10-3)
Noelle Cottom (Southeastern) d.  Lo Stevenson (Alma)6-0,6-1
Autumn Housefield (Southeastern) d. Katie Meloche (Alma) 4-6,6-3,(10-7)
Lauren Moreau (Alma) d. Wendy Reade (Southeastern) 6-1,6-4


Chelsey Lynn (Augustana) & Alexandra Fraser (Southeastern) d. Jen Meloche (Alma) & Abby McCue (Alma) 8-6

Amy Baranowski (Alma) & Lo Stevenson (Alma) d. Noelle Cottom (Augustana) & Wendy Reade (Southeastern) 8-3

Katie Meloche (Alma) & Lauren Moreau (Alma) d. Autumn Housefield (Augustana) & Amanda Summers (Southeastern) 8-3