Alma Women's Tennis defeated Hanover, 7-2, on Sunday

The Alma Women's Tennis team played Sunday in Orlando, FL and won their match against Hanover (IN), by a margin of 7-2.  The Scots' season record is now 2-1.  


Allie Gullett (Hanover) d. Jen Meloche (Alma) 6-7(5-7),6-3,(10-6)
Abby McCue (Alma) d. Angie Parry Leman (Hanover) 6-1,6-3
Amy Baranowski (Alma) d. Heather Washborn (Hanover) 6-1,6-1
Lo Stevenson (Alma) d. Kat Brinegan 7-5,6-4
Katie Meloche (Alma) d. Katie McKinkg (Hanover) 6-1,6-2
Lauren Moreau (Alma) d. Jenna Gore (Hanover) 6-2,6-2


Allie Gullett (Hanover)& Angie Parry Leman (Hanover) d. Jen Meloche (Alma)& Abby McCue (Alma) 8-2

Amy Baranowski (Alma)& Lo Stevenson (Alma) d. Dani Miller (Hanover)& Mandy Learnel (Hanover) 8-5

Katie Meloche (Alma) & Lauren Moreau (Alma) d. Astoa Kelsay (Hanover) & Paige Spacolng (Hanover) 8-5