Stormont Hired as New Assistant Coach

Stormont Hired as New Assistant Coach

Alma, Mich. - The Alma College women's basketball team has hired Samantha Stormont as its new full-time assistant coach. Her duties will begin immediately.

"Sami's basketball IQ is very high and she also understands what basketball can do for a person and a team," said Head Coach Kris Johnson. "It builds that character and reveals who you are. She's a basketball junkie and I think she'll relate really well with the players, too. So I'm excited, she's going to add a lot to our program."

Stormont is a 2017 graduate of Northwood University where she was a four-year member of the women's basketball program.

"She became a captain [at Northwood] and a huge impactful person in the program as a player. You can get that feel from her when you're talking to her and just how she motivated her teammates every day at practice and stayed there her last two summers and helped players develop."

"I just thought it was a great opportunity to start my coaching career," said Stormont. "I heard good things about Kris from my head coach so it just kind of fell in my lap. I like the school and I think it'd be easy to recruit to and it's growing so I'd like to be a part of that."

Since Johnson took over as head coach three years ago, the program has improved its conference record in each season.

"I'm looking forward to working with the girls and recruiting. I think I can bring a different side of things just coming from Northwood and different stuff I learned from Coach [Jeff] Curtis [at Northwood]. I'm really passionate and energetic so I think I can contribute that to the program."

Stormont graduated Northwood with a degree in marketing and management. She had worked in Northwood's sports information office since September 2015. She has also been a counselor and basketball coach at the Boys and Girls Club in Royal Oak for nearly seven years.

Contact: Zach Russo, Assistant Sports Information Director, (989) 463-7436

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