Visiting Team Information

On behalf of the Alma College Athletic Training program, we would like to welcome you and your team to Alma College for your upcoming athletic contest. We hope that your visit is safe and injury free. The athletic training room is located on the ground level of the Hogan Physical Education Center between the men’s and women’s locker rooms.

Our Athletic Training staff will provide the following materials/services:

• Coolers for water and ice chests with ice bags
• Cups for your bench
• Biohazard materials/containers
• Taping tables near your locker rooms
• Certified Athletic Trainers in attendance
• A team physician on call (for football, a team physician will be in attendance)
• Phone access to EMS personnel (for football, an ambulance will be on site)
• All therapeutic modalities available upon request. (If an Athletic Training Student is traveling with your team, a written request from an ATC or team physician must accompany them in order to use the modality.)

We ask that you supply the following items:

• Your own taping and medical supplies
• Towels for the sidelines, bench, and showering
• If water bottles are preferred over cups, please bring your own

Dining in Alma

• Arby’s 989-466-5850
• China Buffet 989-463-0888
• El Vaquero (Mexican) 989-463-0781
• Great Wall 989-466-1818
• Jimmy John's 989-463-0022
• Kentucky Fried Chicken 989-772-1532
• Main Café 989-463-2600
• Mancino’s 989-463-0047
• McDonald’s 989-463-6266
• Nay’s Bamboo Kitchen 989-463-5479
• Pizza Hut 989-466-0547
• Pizza Sam 989-463-3881
• Subway 989-463-2782
• Taco Bell 989-463-6338
• Wendy’s 989-463-8411