Alma College Insurance Policy


All student-athletes at Alma College are required to have some form of primary coverage prior to participating in intercollegiate athletics. Alma College provides secondary athletic accident coverage for all student-athletes participating in intercollegiate athletics. An accident is defined as an unexpected, sudden, and definable event, which is the direct cause of bodily injury independent of any illness, prior injury, or congenital disposition. Coverage is NOT provided for medical expenses resulting from illness, disease, or conditions unrelated to accidental bodily injury. Pre-existing conditions, out-of-season injuries, injuries that occur in-season that are not directly related to competition or supervised practice (intramurals, conditioning class, etc.) or routine medical care (illness, dental or eye care, etc.) are not covered.

GTL Insurance Information

Athletic Insurance Card

For other policy exclusions, please contact Brad Smith at (989) 463-7288 or


  2. If a student-athlete is accidentally injured during competition or supervised practice and generates medical expenses associated with the accident, all claims must first be filed with the student’s or parents personal (primary) insurance company.
  3. If a balance remains after the personal insurance company has paid its maximum, that balance can be submitted to the school’s insurance company.
  4. If the expense is covered, the school’s insurance company will pay the balance of the eligible medical expenses up to the maximum of the policy.
  5. If the primary family coverage is through an HMO or PPO, the proper procedures required by that plan must be followed in order for the school’s insurance to satisfactorily complete its portion of the claim. This is especially important if the plan requires pre-authorization to have the student-athlete treated out of the plan’s network or service area.

Submitting Claims to Alma College

To pay the balance of the bill, the Head Athletic Trainer MUST receive the student-athlete’s bill, along with a copy of the EOB (explanation of benefits) from his/her insurance company showing that the personal insurance has already paid its maximum.

Please submit bills AND a copy of EOB to: Brad Smith, Head Athletic Trainer, 614 W. Superior St., Alma, MI 48801.

For any questions, please call (989) 463-7288 or e-mail Brad Smith at